A little bit of catching up to do

Hmm, it seems I've let things go by without blogging all the things I've been working on currently.

I've been trying out the silver leaf this time round, palladium to be exact. I've used it in a couple of pieces recently that you will see below. These are for my 'Petite la lune' series that compliment the main series. I particularly liked working on the eye paintings and feel I could expand on this idea at a later date. I'm getting better with ever eye I paint.

Here are some work in progress shots of "Deadly Nightshade' followed by 'Inner Reflection' and 'Reflection'. For the final pieces, you can see better images on my newly updated website!

'Deadly Nightshade' acrylic on gesso board, 8 x8"

'Inner Reflection' and 'Reflection' acrylic and palladium on gesso board, 5 x 5"

I've also completed a larger piece using the palladium in order to create a halo/ silver moon.

"Phases de la lune"
acrylic and palladium on gesso board, 2013
11 x 14 inches, 27.9 x 35.6 cm
 That's it for now! I am currently working of a piece for a group show in May at Modern Eden gallery, so I have to get a move on with that. Lots of flowers to paint!

If you want to see more work in progress shots I post a lot more frequently on instagram. You can find me under the name melissajhartley


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