Ok, it had to be done! Over the years I have watched the tv series "Twin Peaks" many times, and given that this year is the 20th anniversary I thought that it was only fitting (and would be a lot of fun) to do a portrait of one of my favorite characters on the show, Audrey Horne.

I wanted the portrait to have a lot of symbols associate with the show and for it to also have the appearance of a classical portrait with the scenery in the background, something I haven't done a lot of in my previous paintings. So this was a little new to me!

Progress shots above show the background scenery being painted, and then after commencing the portrait of Audrey, I decided that I wanted the background darker, and more eerier. Plus it would also make the portrait stand out more from the background, so then I had to go over the background again, working over it in darker shades.

11x14 inches. Acrylic on gesso board.


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