Latest painting in "Phases de la Lune" series

Just finished this painting which I've entitled "Desire". I had quite a few distractions along the way, so this one seemed to take longer than normal. Tattoo style on the arm is a little different to what I've done before, but I think the organic forms really work well with this piece and the flow of the irises.

I did quite a bit of photographic documentation over the course of this painting so you can see the complete progress below from start to finish.

Prints are available on Society6.

Outline on board and background black painted

Moon and bee finished, working on the skin tones

Painting irises

 Working on facial features, almost there, just the eyes to complete

Face finished, on to finishing the irises

Painting in the green stems
Roughing out the tattoo design in graphite
Tattoo complete

Finished piece! You can see the scanned artwork here


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