Well here goes nothing...

I'm going to try and give this blogging thing a go! I'll mainly be expressing my ideas and sharing interesting and cool things that inspire. But ultimately I'll using it as a visual diary for my art.

So what better way to start this experiment, than with something else new that I been wanting to tryout for a while. I just love the idea of gold leaf and am a big fan of Klimt's work, so after much debate over the cost, I decided to give it a go. Gold paint was just not going to have the same effect.

There were so many different shades of gold to choose from as well. Here's the box below that the gold leaf came in. How beautiful is the packaging!

So, I'm currently working on a new piece of work called Rock Goddess that is my homage to Bowie's Aladine Sane album cover, and I'm going to incorporate the gold leaf into a halo around the figure.

First step was to paint the halo in black acrylic as I wanted it to come through in some parts. I really don't want it to be perfect, plus I really don't think it's easy to achieve.

Here are the results. I was so nervous using this stuff at first. The slightest breathe and the leaf just crumples in on itself. Not the sort of stuff you want to waste. The photos really don't show how lovely the gold is and the way it shimmers. Now I have to wait 24 hours till I can do anything else. I'm anxious to get started!


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